Royal Alloy

Beautifully crafted, thoughtfully designed.

We are seeking a dealer network throughout Italy to join us in an exciting new journey.


Beautifully crafted

Every Royal Alloy has been designed, manufactured and assembled with passion. 

We too ride scooters,

we too 'Enjoy Life'.

Thoughtfully designed


We believe...

...that there is a market crying out for a 'real retro' scooter made from metal!

To this end, we craft our scooters predominantly from steel and aluminium where we feel is appropriate.

We pay homage to a style from yesteryear and pay specific attention to detail.

Featured in Film

Product placement
Perfect Brand Recognition


Royal Alloy can be spotted briefly in the latest James Bond movie, 'No Time to Die', although only a short clip, 007 is clearly seen taking a back seat on a Royal Alloy GT series!

'To Be Someone' is a rather funny 'comedy caper' and has a quite satirical take on product placement - here is the challenge - count how many times you see or hear a Royal Alloy or reference to Royal Alloy.

There are many more visual feasts in store over the coming months, you have to agree that Royal Alloy scooters ARE rather photogenic!

This is a truly great 300 capacity scooter. RA have nailed it. If you’re looking for a mile-munching, quick, agile, fine handling retro scooter then you’ve come to the right place.

Looking for dealers throughout Italy...


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